Spontaneous Sex: How to Make Your Wife Hot

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Busy people everywhere are trying to “arrange” their schedules around work, sleep, soccer practice, dinner,  helping kids with their homework and their love life. More often than not, the one aspect that suffers the most is their love life. When a couple focuses on the kids at the expense of the relationships, EVERYONE suffers. Don't let it happen to you!

Here’s a unique solution.

Think about the BEST most recent encounter you’ve had with your wife. Think about the last time you were together and had really good sex. Not a typical romp, mind you. Think about the last really, really great time you had. Surely in all the years you've been married there have been VERY special moments that you can recall where everything was in sync and the mood, timing, environment, etc. was absolutely perfect.

With that in mind, do what I did and take that thought and energy and interrupt whatever she is doing and take her into your bathroom, bedroom or closet at THAT MOMENT and have a quickie. When your mood and energy is at its peak, she will sense it and certainly respond in kind (unless your timing is really awful!) You may have to introduce a short tease or innuendo, but don't withdraw your energy or thoughts of that special time, regardless of how long ago it was.

You don’t even have to finish her off. Yesterday, after a grueling day at work, she seemed tired, overworked, and pre-occupied. When I told her to “come here I have something to show you,” she had no idea what was about to happen.

I took her into the bathroom, kissed her passionately and hiked her dress up. She tried to stop me and talked about her period. These excuses were no match for my lust. I put her on the sink counter top and we made love right there. My son was in the other room, so while we were quiet, we didn’t pause, stop or consider moving to a new room. The moment was spontaneous, passionate, and unstoppable. We didn’t have a long session, mind you. It wasn’t gentle. It wasn’t even that romantic.

It was spontaneous. It was passionate. It was over in less than 10 minutes.

But it was a moment that was unplanned and she was every bit as excited as the time before when there was hours of anticipation and rose petals on the bed. This wasn’t one of those times. She wasn’t always this insatiable or hot. She used to be cautious, a bit frumpy and busy being a full-time mom. But ever since we co-authored the book, “How to Make Your Wife Hot” she’s been impossible to cool down.

Do yourself and your marriage a favor by doing something outrageous and unexpected tonight. If you really take this to heart, you won't even wait until then...call her up, get over to her and stare into those dreamy eyes and let her know that you want her...

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