Sperm Taste - Improve Your Semen Taste and Your Health

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Sperm taste is directly influenced by what you eat and what you put into your body will influence how your semen tastes. You can make sperm taste better and this involves a few diet changes that are easy enough to do. So for better tasting sperm follow these simple diet tips.

ALL secretions from the body reflect what you put into it.

Biological Makeup

A man's ejaculate consists of just 1% sperm and the rest is composed of:

Proteins, vitamins, sugars, salts, cholesterol, and water - the extra ingredients (i.e water proteins, vitamins, salts, sugars, cholesterol etc) are there to help the sperm make its journey, nourish it and protect to its final destination and biological purpose.

PH Balance

The PH of semen is neutral with a reading of 7 but paradoxically, it has a slightly acid taste to it. All men are different and will all have an individual taste to their ejaculate. The major complaint about it is that it tastes either bitter or salty and this is a reflection of its acidic content.

If you put certain foods in your body, it can have an even more bitter taste - but this can be corrected. let's look at how to make semen taste sweeter and get the PH level right.

Don't Pollute Your Body!

Try to cut down or eliminate pollutants such as - nicotine, alcohol, caffeine, any recreational drugs - they all make you unhealthy and they all make sperm taste acidic. If you can't stop, cut down and to counteract the affect drink as much water as you can 2 liters a day or more.
Avoid junk food and try and eat unprocessed unrefined foods.

Junk and convenience food are high in chemicals and preservatives that pollute your body and eaten to excess they are simply bad for you and this is reflected it your semen taste - the taste reflects your overall health and if it is excessively bitter, it may be a reflection of health problems already present, or coming in the near future.

Alter Taste with These Foods

Get plenty of vegetables which are generally good for improving sperm taste with a few exceptions, try and keep the consumption of the following to a minimum:

Any vegetable from the cabbage family, broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus and brussel sprouts.

On the other hand, parsley, celery wheatgrass are good as they contain high amounts of chlorophyll.

Any fruits are good for sweetening the taste, as they are high in natural sugars and counteract the bitter salty taste so get a few helpings a day:

Red meat and dairy products tend to be bad for sperm taste if eaten to excess; they don't need to be cut out entirely - but limit your consumption of them. Instead, get your protein from chicken, turkey and fish.
Spices be careful with them!

You know how your breathe smells after heavily spiced food and it does the same to your semen! Obvious ones to curtail are:

Garlic, Chili's and onions.

Why are they so bad for taste? - It lies in the high sulphur content.

Cinnamon, cardamom, peppermint and lemon are however good for making semen taste sweeter.

There are many supplements sold that make big claims about making sperm taste sweeter but they don't deliver. One input, can't disguise the taste of all the other inputs you put into your body!

Forget them and simply take a sensible approach to what you put into your body.

A Barometer of Your Overall Health

If you get a healthy balanced diet cut down on pollutants and eat foods that are bad for your semen taste in moderation you will be fine and remember if your sperm taste is too salty or bitter, it could be a reflection of serious health problems , so if diet changes don't cure it - seek medical advice.


You don't have to give up all your favorites and if you fancy a curry, a few drinks and a hard night out that's fine - but keeps in mind it takes up to 24 hours to secrete out of your body what you put into it - but maybe not the right time if you're on a hot date!

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