PPP treatment methods - How to get rid of Pearly Penile Papules

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Treatments for PPP - Which is the best method to treat Penile Papules ?

PPP is a male genital skin condition which is harmless and it occurs due to unknown reasons. However, the large number of white or pink colored small bumps around the corona of penis are often mistaken for STD or Warts and females refuse to have sex with a male having ppp.

The best Treatment for ppp should effectively eliminate the bumps from the penis so that the affected person can regain the original appearance of his penis.

There are various methods for treatment of ppp.

Scientific methods of treatment as well as Home Remedies are quite common.

Scientific methods

1.    Removal of bumps using Hyfrecator

2.    Laser CO2 Therapy

These methods have the following disadvantages: -

  • Highly expensive
  • Painful
  • Side effects
  • Temporary cure only
  • Hospitalization and recovery period

Home Remedies are very effective and are widely accepted because of the following advantages: -

  • Less expensive
  • Simple methods done by patient in his home
  • Painless & no side effects
  • Permanent cure
  • Easily available ingredients
  • Smooth sexual life in future

Home Remedies are of 2 types: -

1.    Traditional Home Remedy: Slow method of treatment giving results after a prolonged treatment. A few months will be taken for complete cure.

2.    Improvised Home Remedy: Fast method giving quick results. Bumps will be removed within 2/3 days with all the comforts of other Home Remedies.If you want to cure PPP in 3 days time ,Improvised Home Remedy for ppp will be of great help to you

Treatment of ppp with castor oil/tea-tree oil

Clean the affected area and wipe to dry. Using cotton swab apply either plenty of castor oil or a little tea-tree oil on the bumps and leave them uncovered. Repeat the process 3 - 4 times daily until the papules are removed completely. This is a traditional Home Remedy method.

Do you have ppp? Want to get rid of it safely within just 3 days?

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    Looking for a cure for pearly penile papules ? PPP are skin condition that produces small little pimple like bumps on the ridge of the penis glands. They are not painful nor do they cause any irritation to the skin in any way. While they may look like genital warts, it is a relief to note that pearly penile papules are totally harmless and is not infectious at all. That is to say, they will not be passed on from partners to partners and it is certainly not a result of sexual activities.

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    No need to make another search for "Pearly Penile Papules Treatments" to get rid of small bumps around your manhood . Here we discuss about all the treatment methods avaialable as on today .Removal of PPP will be easier for you with this information .

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    Are you looking for a treatment to cure your pearly Penile Papules ,here we will discuss all the methods available to treat PPP,the cost of PPP treatment,advantages & disadvantages

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    You have probably heard about pearly penile papules but did not know exactly what this means. Plus you never thought it would happen to you. But now you are looking at your penis and see some small bumps having the color of your skin or maybe a little more discolored and wonder what that may be. Your doctor or your best friend told you they are called pearly penile papules, but you still do not have enough information to understand what this condition is after all. Read on and find out more.

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    Pearly Penile Papules (PPP) is a skin disorder of the male genital organ. PPP appear in several rows as small, flesh colored, dome – shaped, smooth bumps around the head of the penis.

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    There are 2 different kinds of person looking for pearly penile papules prevention. One of which is a person who has heard about ppp and does not want it to happen on him and the other, is someone who has got ppp, and thinking of ways to treating and prevnting them from coming back. Here, we'll discuss the 2 different ways of preventing pearly penile papules from developing or coming back for both the case above.

    By: Shawn Caseyl Sexualityl 12/04/2011 lViews: 71

    There are good news for pearly penile papules suffers who are looking for pearly penile papules treatment. This is because, it is readily available today in the market and the sufferers can now have a chance to no longer live with their ppps. Most often than not, people who have ppp are often faced with self and sexual confidence. The reason being that they are afraid that their partners would lose interest or feel disgusted by the sight of their ppp.

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    When you have been looking, you will observed that you'll find no pearly penile goods for example cream, gels or maybe medicine out inside the open marketplace these days to remedy PPP.

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    Pearly Penile Papule is a common disease that attacks the penis. A considerable percentage of male population is suffering with this skin condition.

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