PPP removal - Pearly Penile Papules Toothpaste Treatment ,Is it Safe?

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PPP removal can be done with home remedies,but some tries to do PPP removal with unsafe methods .

It is miserable to live with pearly penile papules. It becomes more miserable when your girlfriend happens to find it and inquire about it. She may suspect it as STD or herpes. Girls hate it and doctors say there is no treatment for the PPP (pearly penile papules) and you may live with it.

But you want to get rid of pearly penile papules somehow and for that you may try even applying tooth paste on your shaft. But, is it safe to use toothpaste to get rid of pearly penile papules? Here is a safe method for pearly penile papules removal This is the  safe home remedy for penile pearly papules treatment.

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How toothpaste works as a cure for pearly penile papules?

How to use toothpaste for pearly penile papules removal ?
Apply tooth paste over pearly penile papules area and leave it for a night. In the morning you have to wash it off. It may or may not get cured. Let us see what the people say about this.

  • "I applied some Crest toothpaste last night before going to bed, woke up this morning and found that everything was gone.
  • I tried toothpaste for two days. I am getting result. First day the dots got bigger because the tooth paste burned them and I could see white stuff oozing out of it. Second day they became smaller and disappeared completely. But, now the problem is the tooth paste really hurts my penis and I am afraid whether it may get damaged.

From these comments it is clear that the toothpaste method for curing PPP is definitely going to burn your skin. You can try this every alternate day to avoid the discomfort. But people accept that they got results.

But is toothpaste PPP removal safe?

We can't say because the ingredients in the toothpaste vary from brand to brand. So if something goes wrong, your penis will get damaged.

Is there any other safe home remedy for PPP removal ?

Yes ,you can use castor oil or tea tree oil for PPP removal , - apply castor oil or tea tree oil on ppp affected area & wipe it after 3 hours,continue this procedure for few months to remove all papules completely,

If you want to get rid of your PPP quickly within 3 days you may try improvised PPP home remedies for fast action ,read the following testimonial on improvised PPP home remedy cure .

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