Penis Extender Before and After Results

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The before and after results you will get from using a penis extender differ depending on the kind of penis extender you are using. If you make use of a medically approved penis extender, then you should expect to gain an inch from its use per month.

A medically approved penis extender will be able to give you an inch increase in your initial three to four weeks of using it. It is not every penis extender that will give you this after result. You can not achieve the kind of results after using some penis extenders. The medically approved penis extender that is capable of rendering you this kind of result after its use is referred to as size genetics. See the before and after results of the size genetics at Size Genetics Review.

The size genetics has the features that will change the length of your penis size to an extra 1 inch after using it. It has the complete features of a penis extender, which is why it is medically approved. The uses the latest comfortable strap, meaning its result is obtainable. A penis extender that is not comfortable will be painful to use, meaning you will not experience any before and after results.

A comfortable penis extender should be in your mind when you opt to buy a penis extender. A penis extender has been properly tested and proven to work, so if you do not use a comfortable penis extender you will not get results. Size genetics uses a strap that is known to be comfortable as a result of the foam using to double pad its rubber strap. As a result of this smart technology, you will not feel any pain or discomfort when you put it on.

See how all penis extenders compare to each other.

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