How to Increase Your Penis Size Naturally

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Would you like to increase your penis size naturally? There are many ways to do this by using exercise. Today I would present several widely used natural exercises, it is recommend that you follow a specifically designed routine to achieve your goal.

The first called Jelqing is to improve the blood flow in the penis by using a “milking” action to massage the blood vessels. Using this method has been known to expand the corpora cavernosa chamber causing an increase in girth. Be sure to use lubrication to make the process more comfortable. Other variations are also used where the blood is forced to the head of the penis by squeezing tightly at the base. This is the most commonly used method and has a decent success rate.

Stretching the penis is another way to increase your penis size naturally. There are different methods of stretching which include doing it by hand and also sitting on it for a period of time. The first method I mentioned is the safest way to start so the suspensory ligament is not pulled or torn. The second can be used once you are familiar with manual stretching techniques and are confident in your ability.

Kegal exercises can also be used to gain sexual stamina and strengthen the penis. But used with enlarging methods could make the techniques work faster. Mostly flexing of the pubococcygeus muscles these exercises can help you get blood flow to the area could be used as a warm up to Increasing your penis size.

The last method on how to increase penis size naturally recommended here is to place a small towel over your erect penis. The penis must be fully erect to perform this exercise. Using a chair you would sit on the edge hanging a towel over your penis and flexing. This method can be used to increase your penis size and also allow you to have more strength that area.

If you're ashamed of the size of your penis and the thought of surgery scares you half to death you need to do something about it right now! Exercising is the healthiest way to Increase your penis size. Discover a Genuine Way to Permanently Increase your Penis Size - Change your Life right NOW!

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