Enlarge Your Penis - 5 Ways on How to Enlarge Penis

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Have you decided that you are not happy with your penis size? Well there are options that can help you enlarge your penis. Women prefer and enjoy men with larger a larger penis because it makes it easier to stimulate the clitoris and the vagina at the same time. I will explain the five main options on how to enlarge penis and help you make the choice that is right for you.

  1. Weight devices are used for a few hours a day to cause constant stretching by hanging the weight from the penis. This method is thought to be very unsafe and could cause sexual dysfunction and even impotence.
  2. Penis pumps are a quick and inexpensive way to enlarge your penis for a short period of time. Using a pump forces blood into your penis which allows it to grow in length and girth. If used improperly this could cause tissue damage to the penis plus, it will not allow you the continuing confidence that a permanent solution offers.
  3. Male enhancement pills are herbal pills that are supposed to enlarge your penis. Most of the ingredients are said to be natural but there has been no proof showing whether or not they are safe. There have also been no studies to prove that they work either unless you count the ones by the drug companies themselves.
  4. Surgery is another option but not to be taken lightly just like any other the penile implant surgery has many risks. Studies of recipients of the surgery have lead to the findings that a lot of men are unhappy with the result. Remember these are permanent and removal could cause extra skin and just a rather unattractive result.
  5. Hand exercises are the most inexpensive way to enlarge your penis. For the cost of a container of lubrication and time of getting instructions on how to do the exercises correctly you could begin. It is best to refer to guides to get a routine that will be safe and effective. Although it may take longer to see the effects it is probably the safest way as well.

These are the options available to men on how to enlarge your penis. The best and healthiest solution to enlarge your penis is exercising. How about a step-by-step Guide which will help you enlarge your penis permanently in the shortest amount of time? CheckOut to Change your Life right NOW!

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