Make My Husband Want To Have Sex With Me – Ways To Revive Intimacy In Your Marriage

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“How can I make my husband want to have sex with me?” That’s a question that no married woman wants to find herself asking. Intimacy is an integral part of a marriage and when one partner starts to lose interest it will leave the other feeling confused, rejected and sometimes even resentment creeps in. These feelings can undermine the foundation of the relationship and eventually lead to a separation or divorce. If you are feeling as though your husband just doesn’t want to make love with you anymore, there’s help for you. Understanding why this happens is the key to changing it and reconnecting on an intimate level with your partner.

Quite often women overlook the fact that many men are just as self conscious about their bodies as we are. Sometimes after marriage one or both partners just don’t put the necessary time or effort into taking care of themselves anymore. This can lead to them feeling uncomfortable being intimate. Even if you’ve told your husband that you don’t mind that he’s put on a few pounds, his self esteem may be telling him otherwise. If you believe this may be a contributing factor to his not wanting to make love, help him get back in shape. You don’t have to be obvious about this. Just cook or encourage him to cook healthier meals and ask him to work out with you. This not only will get you both looking and feeling better but you’ll also be spending some important one-on-one time with each other which can help strengthen your bond.

Also, consider if there’s any ongoing conflict between you and the man you married. Sometimes we don’t realize that an argument we had with our husband can cause him to pull back. Although you may have thought the matter was resolved, he may still be feeling some left over anxiety from it. Think back to whether there’s any current tension between the two of you. If you feel there is, it’s really important that you address it and clear it off the table. If you don’t it will continue to fester inside your husband and make him pull even further away from you. Compromise is often the key when it comes to working through issues. It’s well worth giving in a bit if the end result is a closer, more satisfying relationship.

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    Your husband has lost interest in sex. You feel rejected and so alone. It's not something that you've been able to talk to him about for several reasons. Perhaps you feel scared that he'll tell you it's because he's met someone else or maybe you're more concerned that he's fallen out of love with you.

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    If your marriage lacks intimacy it can impact every other part of the relationship you share with your spouse. Many couples who face this problem never address it head on and the result is disastrous. You and your spouse can get back on the right track so that your marriage is as fulfilling as it possibly can be for both of you.

    By: Gillian Reynoldsl Sexualityl 09/08/2010 lViews: 263
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