Attention Married Couples! - Have Mind Blowing Sex With Your Spouse This Holiday Season

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Its the holidays which means its the time for giving. Why not give your spouse a night of hot, passionate sex they will never forget? A lot of couples think they have to do something totally out of this world to make sex fun and exciting. Not true at all. Lets take the missionary style position for example. It can get boring very quickly right? Usually the husband jumps on top, gives a few pumps and that's it. But ladies, by simply sticking your legs up in the air and crossing them, you can increase your pleasure dramatically.

But that's not all. Here are a few other things you can do to have mind blowing sex with your spouse this holiday season. The first thing you can do is dip an alka-seltzer into water and then quickly insert it into your wife's vagina. The tingling sensation will make the sex feel super good for both of you. Trust me ladies, this is something you most definitely want to try. Another thing you can do, and this will drive any man wild, is have your husband get on top of you and get on all fours.

Then start kissing him all over. Start with his chest and then work your way down. All you have to do is scoot down the sheets as you make your way down. Once you get to his joystick, pull him down by the waste and insert it in your mouth. Have him go up and down in your mouth. Trust me this will get him so excited. It will also turn you on to see him enjoying it so much.

Listen, you don't have to get all crazy in the bedroom to spice up your sex life. Just be creative. Doing something as simple as changing positions or having sex in a different location can work wonders.

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