Vaginal Sweating – Causes and Cures

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Why does vaginal sweating occur?

When the sympathetic nervous system in your body sends confused signals to the sweat glands of the vagina, you experience vaginal sweating. The cause is mostly hereditary. The tendency may also have been set off during the onset of puberty.

The problem of vaginal sweating is often accompanied by vaginal itching. Increased vaginal discharge further complicates the problem. While it is not a serious infection, it is often uncomfortable and even downright embarrassing. It can play havoc with your social life. If excessive vaginal sweating is accompanied by a distinctive unpleasant fishy odor, you may have acquired an infection called bacterial Vaginosis. In such a case you should seek medical advice immediately.

How to control the problem

Here are some tips which you can try to control vaginal sweating

• Follow a healthy and balanced diet. Excess of some foods like sugar, alcohol and chocolates stimulates more sweating of the vaginal area.

• High carb foods and saturated fatty acids are a big no-no. These are naturally secreted by the vaginal sweat glands. So more you ingest them, the more you sweat.
• Identify and isolate those foods or drinks which at as a trigger in your case. Avoid them

• Wear loose fitting light cotton under wear. They help your skin to 'breath'. Even when sweat is secreted, it dries quickly. Tight fitting clothes like thongs and g strings aggravate the problem

• Drink plenty of natural juices. They keep the genital area hydrated.

There is no way to completely cure vaginal sweating. If the problem becomes serious, you can try any or all of the following methods.

• Use absorbent pads as you do during your periods. Thin ones are preferable as the vagina should not be completely dry. That also can cause itching. Always carry extra pads with you.

• Certain herbs are known to have beneficial effect. Brew a warm cup of sage tea. Drink it or rub it on the affected area to obtain relief. Excessive sweating occurs when the brain thinks you are too hot and instructs the nerves to secrete sweat. Herbs help to counter this instruction.

• Sitz bath is soothing in vaginal sweating and itching. Run a bath of warm water. Dissolve salt in it and one to two cups of vinegar. Allow this water to come in contact with your genital area for maximum comfort.

• Frequent wash with mild unscented soaps are a must. Do not use strong detergents, deodorants or douches. You can bathe in extremely hot water followed by a quick wash in very cold water. The hot and cold shower shocks the nervous system and checks sweating.

• Exfoliation and shaving of the pubic area will help you to become comfortable though it will probably not control the sweating.

• Vigorous exercise opens up the pores of the body. As you sweat all over, sweating in the genital area may lessen.

Use one or all the methods to obtain relief from a common condition of women health. In extreme cases you may consider botox or sympathectomy but they are not generally recommended.

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