Top Nutrients for Strong Sex Drive

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Did you know there are simple ways to enhance sexual vitality and rejuvenate libido—and one of them is good nutrition?  Here are a few important nutrients that you should know about for enhancing sex drive and virility:

Vitamin E:  Often called the "sex vitamin," Vitamin E is known to aid in hormone production, which assists one in attraction, mood and desire. An important antioxidant, Vitamin E also prevents aging and chronic disease, which naturally boosts sexual longevity.  Some women even use Vitamin E as a lubricant during sex to heighten sensitivity (be make sure your Vitamin E will not reduce the effectiveness of condoms, as latex may disintegrate with certain oil-based lubricants).
Omega 3 Fatty Acids:  The building blocks for the production of sex hormones, essential fatty acids also help your body store fat-soluble vitamins (A,D,E, and K) which are key for sexual activity. Omega 3’s also help keep skin supple, including in the vagina and bladder.  Try supplementing EFA’s by adding ground flax seeds to your morning yogurt or cereal or try hemp and Cod Liver oil which are also great sources of Omega 3s.

Zinc:  One of the most important nutrients for sexual function and fertility (each ejaculation holds about 5mg of zinc), one Dutch study found that a combo of folic acid and zinc supplements increased sperm count in men with fertility problems by 74%.

Vitamin A: Regulation and production of the sex hormone progesterone are dependent on this fat soluble vitamin, so adding this vitamin to your diet may make you a more potent sex partner…

Vitamin C: Helps boost the synthesis of the essential hormones that influences sexuality and fertility, including progesterone, estrogen and androgens.

L-Arginine: This amino acid also works by boosting the amount of blood flow to genitals which for a man results in increased blood flow for a stronger erection, and for women can heighten stimulation.

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