Tight Vagina

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Having a tight vagina can give you an advantage which is men won't get tired of you -

Women wear thongs for many reason. Apart from being sleazy, women like thongs because you can’t see their panty lines. Yes, thongs are gorgeous. Yes, they look sexy on women but they should come with a caution label.

So how do we tighten our vagina?

First let us examine what are 3 things to do to keep a man, these things are very significant because these are the 3 basic factors men complain about but do no tell you, they want you to find out it than telling it you.

The walls of the vagina consist of some layers of muscle and connective tissue which are resistant to permanent changes. While the walls of the vagina may stretch somewhat during childbirth, it will not stretch from sex -- no matter how often you have it! Some treatments, surgeries, and medical conditions can cause a tapering of the vaginal canal or can decrease the elasticity of the vaginal walls as will age and menopause. However, most changes in the vagina are provisional and correspond with certain times of the month and with a woman's level of arousal.
If you want to prevent a yeast infection, it would probably be a excellent idea to start wearing some loose fitting clothes in addition to the tight ones you already wear. Alternating off and on is a good idea that will help provide your vagina room to breathe and therefore won't have the opportunity for bacteria to form in the first place. If you work out on a regular basis, you are also at a higher risk for a yeast infection. After you workout it's extremely recommended that you thoroughly wash out your vagina because it has become sweaty and a great breeding ground for bacteria that reason yeast infections.

Transference through sexual contact causes men to get yeast infections. This refers to both oral and vaginal sex. It's also easier for a woman to get a re-appearance from a man who has a yeast infection. Antibiotics taken to kill bad bacteria in the body, could kill good bacteria, for example the one in the vagina, cause a hormonal imbalance and thus encourage yeast producing bacteria to grow.

Here are some typical causes for a yeast disease in women.

Poor Personal Hygiene- can bring in yeast spores from the intestines to the vaginal area.

Antibiotics-are a primary cause for yeast or Candida overgrowth antibiotics change the balance between populations of micro organisms they also are conscientious for wiping out the good and bad bacteria in your body.

Douching-Unfortunately douching washes away the excellent bacteria in the vagina responsible for keeping yeast under control. The vaginal tissue becomes habitable for healthy bacteria. Physiologically, the vagina is designed to cleanse itself.

• Tight Clothes. Tight clothes can contribute to yeast infections as well
• Pregnancy
• Diabetes
• During your period
• Steroid medicines
• Stress
• Lack of sleep (of course, it is difficult to sleep when you are itching and burning so much).
• Birth control pills

HPV is a family of viruses with more than 100 strains, the symptoms of which comprise cervical warts, anal warts, vagina warts ordinary warts on hands, and plantar warts on feet. You can stop living in the shadows of vaginal warts and feel healthy and entire again, but you have to take action.

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