Things To Do To Increase Sexual Stamina

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It is normal for a man to be concerned with his sexual stamina. He wants to satisfy his partner and avoid embarrassment. While the average man takes 5-7 minutes to reach sexual peak, some men have problems achieving that! There are several things a man can do to avoid this unfortunate situation. Here are some tips to try: 1. Use Thicker Protection. Consider condoms made for anal penetration. These are more durable and sturdy and reduce penis sensitivity, which results in a longer time before reaching an orgasm. It also has the added benefit of reducing the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. 2. Apply Desensitizing Cream. These creams work by numbing the head of the penis so that you can last longer during intercourse. It may be difficult to apply without the woman knowing. 3. Pull Out Before Achieving An Orgasm. This will serve to desensitize the penis temporarily and ward off the orgasm. If timed well, it can also heighten the orgasm increasing sexual satisfaction for both partners. Make it seem like you are teasing your partner if it is a new sexual encounter. 4. Practice Makes Perfect. Masturbating is controversial, however practicing solo can help men learn their bodies and counter premature ejaculation. 5. Talk To Your Partner About The Issue. If you are in a committed relationship, talking about the problem can help to alleviate your stress and anxiety. This can help you to relax which will lead to better results. Most times your partner has already realized what is going on and will appreciate your honesty and trust. 6. Exercise. Staying in shape will help you to feel good which will naturally help you last longer in bed. 7. Do Kegels! Exercise the muscles that you use to stop the flow of urine. Then you will be able to use this technique when you feel an orgasm approaching. If you have tried all the above steps with no improvement, you may want to consult a doctor. A doctor can help by determining whether there is a malfunction with your sexual organs. He can also determine if your sexual dysfunction is caused by high blood pressure or a related circulatory issue.

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