Medical effects of too much sex

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Medical effects of too much sex

Is it well documented that too much sex (e.g. overdose of pornogaphy/masturbation or sex with a high frequency) can cause an overdose of brain pleasure chemicals and affect normal brain function? For instance is this more or less parallel to what happens in drug addiction?

Is this an argument against (too much) pornography? Yes.

The poor afflicted creatures are caled 'teenage boys'.

The results speak for themselves.

But then, to a teenage boy, even linoleum counts as pornography. </xander> Anything that involves a lot of endorphines can become addictive.

"Too much" sex can also result in reduced sex drive and sore "parts" as well, but that's kinda obvious. sex is good for the prostate gland. when you're older, you should be having sex quite frequently. if not, your wife is trying to kill you. Overdose of everything is detrimental. The Pleasure mechanism is based on the chemicals called neurotransmitters and the sensitivity of their respective receptors.

Usually in oragasmic pleasure response, The neuro transmitter called Dopamine is involved. Also other chemicals involved are Oxytocin and Vasopresin. These chemicals usually stimulate the pleasure response in the emotional part of brain OR lymbic system. Also the memory links are created due to the effect of these chemicals on the cells called Astro-cytes, which guide the axon to form a new link. As we all know the memory functions on the basis of neuronal linkages.

The Threshold of stimulation is one of the important facet of every biological pathway. There are always positive and negative feedback mechanisms involved in controlling almost every bio-chemical process going on in the body.

Thus Over-sex causes extra stimulation of this pathway and increases the threshold level rquired for the stimulation of that pathway. that is, If level ' X ' stimulus is required for the stimulation of pleasure pathway OR pleasure cascade in brain in terms of sex, then that level increases to ' Y ', which is usually higher than ' X '.

Secondly, the negative feedback of the brain, especially, hypothalamus-pituitary-penis pathway is affected.
In normal circumstances, the sexual stimulus causes the hypothalamus to secrete Vasopressin which causes the blood vessels in penis to first relax and then contract, thus trapping the blood in the penile tissue, making it erect. After certain level of mechanical movements, this stimulation reaches to a certain level which inturn causes hypothalamus to secrete oxytocin. It causes the feeling of Orgasm and cause the smooth muscles in testes and penis to contract rhythematically. At the same time, the neurotransmitter called Dopamine is released in the brain's lymbic system area.
All these chemicals working together in hormony and right order result in experiancing of Orgasm.

Over stimulation of this pathway causes temporary decrease in sensitivity of sexual stimulus. It is evident in Males with the lapse period after ejaculation.
This is one of the mechanism which is affected by too much of sex. The period of latency increases.

Thirdly, too much of Sperms are wasted. One sperm takes about 72 days to mature. ofcourse there are billions of them. But according to Ayurveda, The sperms are related to eyesight. Too much of sperm wastage MAY affect the eyesight in long run.

Dunno about overdose of pornography. It is strictly emotional. Unless it is acompanied by vigorous masterbation, with very high frequency, these efects cannot be noticed.
Sex is good for prostrate glands. But Not too much of it.

Also, it may decrese the sex drive of an individual. Quote: Originally Posted by Jesse Are you saying this is a permanent effect, or just a short-term effect of too much sex in a given time period? If you're claiming it's permenant, are you basing that on any studies? Again, are you saying this is long-term or short-term, and if you're saying it's long-term, what is the evidence for this? It is easy to find the reference for these pathways. Refer to any Physiology book. I like Guyton's physiology.

The effects that I described in my post are ofcourse temporary. However, I feel that the cumulative effect of these temporary effects adding up may result in long term implications. The body returns to its normal activity after some time of latency. However this latency period increases with time.

The second reason is purely psychological. Mind does get bored when any activity becomes a routine activity. A person who has too much of sex, it becomes a mechanical act for him. Hence the inclination to do that decreases with time. Mind is linked with brain. The decrease in sex drive is ofcourse related to brain.

Quote: Originally Posted by Jesse According to this page Ayurveda is an "ancient Indian system of holistic health"--have any modern scientific studies suggested a link between "sperm wastage" and poor eyesight? Are you saying "too much" sex can be bad for the prostrate gland, or just that the beneficial effect levels off at a certain point? Ayurveda is a holistic apporach of medicine. Instead of treating a specific cell, it treats entire body. becoz According to Ayurveda, other parts of body cannot remain un-affected due to disease in one part. Hence it emphasises on treating whole body.The basic emphasis is given on Balance of everything.

Quote: Originally Posted by emphryio I also know that for a man, ejaculation causes a rise in testosterone in the short term. But it depletes the body of zinc. An average ejaculate has about 5 calories/1 gram of protein.
Personally I've found that what Bundini Brown said was true (he was one of Ali's trainers) to get an erection and not ejaculate can increase physical strength. How much it does so, depends at least on the body part. Hamstrings/gluts are greatly affected, personally, vertical leap can increase up to 6 inches with repeated stimulation without ejaculation over the course of a week or so. Deadlift can improve by 35%. (Went from 395 to 485) Finally ejaculated and then couldn't do 405.
The idea of abstaining for men to improve physical activity only works if the man is still getting erections. Furthermore there is a delayed effect. You can have sex the night before the big game. It's the next day that the body will have a marked decrease performance. Also the fluctuation in strength can vary for different body parts, and surely does for different people also. I agree with that. The pleasure is accompanied by sudden relaxation of muscles. To attain this sudden relaxation, it is essential that the body must be primed to extreme work and stress. Everybody who has had sex will agree that there is tremendous stress involved before reaching climax.

This stress sucks lotta energy. Ofcourse it is essential to maintain the good mindset. But over-sucking of energy is detrimental.

The effect on mind are quite different from the effect on body. After a healthy sex, a person feels fresh and relaxed. He finds the mind at peace. I have no idea that what are effects of over sex on health of mind. The only thing that strikes me is decrease in sex drive due to the mechanical nature of the act. Quote: Originally Posted by premjan Is it well documented that too much sex (e.g. overdose of pornogaphy/masturbation or sex with a high frequency) can cause an overdose of brain pleasure chemicals and affect normal brain function? For instance is this more or less parallel to what happens in drug addiction?

Is this an argument against (too much) pornography? It would be an arguement if there were any real case presented.

Its a problem of people not understanding cause and effect. They see someone with a "sex addition" who had lots of sex, and assume that the sex is the cause, in spite of any scientific evidence!

A true "sex addict" is simply suffering from a specific Obsessive Compulsive disorder. OCD can take many forms. The common thread is that the need to do somethng is uncontrollable. The need will overcome any social or potential injury, the need becomes an imperative. When acted on the result is often described as intense near orgasmic relief. Probbaly the best account I can refer you to is an article written by David Sedairis about his compulsions from childhood through college. Anyway, this type of compulsion is the same regardles of if your brain is tellig you to lick the lightswitch, spin 23 times, or masterbate compulsivly. There are also varying degrees to the disorder ranging from debilitating to a minor annoyance (Ratey's Shadow Syndromes is a great read).

Now, what are some causes? In children at least it has been shown that some forms of OCD are autoimmune problems associated with subclinical Step infections. The antibodies the body produces against the bacteria cross react with some proteins in the nervous system. a common treatment for children with OCD is a a throat culture and course of antibiotics. In adults it has to do more with GABAnergic systems rather than the dopamanergic systems inolved in addiction. With sexual desire you can also have a hormonal imbalance.

I don't know of any credable study linking having frequent sex with becoming a "sex addict". However because of cultural views when sexual activity is involved people make up all kinds of entertaining things.

In fact many studies show the exact opposite. Take a look at any psychological studies on women involves in the sex industry. many of which are addicted to other substances. You would think that they would be the most susceptable. But the end result is genreally sexual burnout and reduction of libido.

Anyway, here are the real things you need to worry about with sex and masterbation (in excess).

1- STDs. Even if in a regular monogomous relationship. Turns out that nearly 30% of reported cases of STDs in men may actually be caused by bacteria that is natural in some women's mouths (medline iirc has a write up ont he article). Very low chance of getting the infection, but can happen to anyone.

2- Bruising, rugburns, etc. Use your imagination.

3- Blistering (if solo all the time, get some lube).

4- The very very rare very nasty stuff from accidents that involve a trip to the emergency room right away. (example, you can "break" an erect penis if bent with enough force.)

Other than that, don't worry about it.
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