Itchy Penis - Herpes Symptoms Explained

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Are you experiencing an itching in your genital area, concentrated on the penis? If so, you are probably worried that it could be an STD, in particular herpes, which is generally associated with genital itching. Herpes is a very common and misunderstood condition that affects a large portion of the population, with estimates of it affecting around one in six people in the united states.

An itchy penis is one of many symptoms of herpes, but it can also be any number of other infections. The best thing you can do is have a consultation with a health care professional as soon as possible. However, since you're likely worried to death in the meantime, we can examine some of the symptoms of genital herpes and see if it fits your situation. The first thing to do is thoroughly examine the area.

Genital herpes outbreaks are characterised by a rash and the appearance of round sores, which can be small in size like pimples, or larger like that of small coins. If you have these symptoms combined with your itchy penis, it's possible you have herpes.

However, don't stress out too early. Herpes is often mistaken for many other conditions. The rash and itching can be very similar to that of Jock Itch, and sometimes ingrown hairs or pimples or boils can resemble the blisters. As said above, the best bet when experiencing an itchy penis that displays any of the above symptoms is to see your doctor for a professional diagnosis. Only a herpes test will conclusively determine whether your symptoms are that of genital herpes.

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