How to Improve Your Sexual Performance?

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Every man wants to improve his bedroom performance to enjoy more pleasure during lovemaking. Below are some effective tips to bring more intimate relationship with your partner.

1. Try to make yourself free from tension and stress. Never attempt any coitus when the mind is disturbed.

2. Intercourse should always be done in an airy, neat, clean, fully ventilated room, free from any encroachment and disturbance. If both partners agree, let there be zero watt red bulb whose red light will flare up passions and impart added enjoyment to your sex fervor.

3. Ensure personal hygiene. Use deodorants, scents to ward off foul smelling body odors.

4. Before sex, have a bath or at least, sponge your whole body, particularly your ears, nose, arm pits, inner thighs, prepuce and glans penis. Spray some pleasing scent on whole body to enjoy an added erotic feeling.

5. Give equal opportunity to your partner to have her own time. Never hurry her. Any act done in a hurry will take away charm of sex.

6. Never plunge yourself at once into intercourse. Foreplay is a reliable method to prepare your partner for the coming event. Let her also her own way.

7. Persuade your partner. Appreciate and endear each and every organ of her body. Such loving compliments and endearments would help her to active participation.

8. Excite her gently, carefully, slowly, tenderly. If she resists and forbids you not to touch any one or more of her sex organs, abide by her wishes and never force your way to compel her to mental withdrawal and physical inertia.

9. If, for any reason whatsoever, she is disinclined for sex act, you can lie down together and discuss some subject of common interest. The chances are that during course on interaction, she may get ready and herself invite you for sex act.

10. Try to avoid sex during advance stage of pregnancy, during menstruation or when she is having leucorrhoea. But sex act must be given a good-bye, if either of the partners is suffering from AIDS, HIV and venereal infection, asthmatic bout (attack), high fever, any infectious/contagious disease.

11. Fondle, caress, cuddle, kiss, pamper each and every erogenous zone- but very slowly. During the course of foreplay she, herself, would guide you, as to on which sex organs she wishes, rather prefers, to be touched.

12. Give equal chance to your partner to indulge in sex act. She should play inactive role in the whole play, and successful intercourse ensues from joint efforts of both partners.

13. If you are about to reach the climax, you should let your partner know a bit earlier so that she could help you to delay orgasm, by adopting squeeze the tempo method. Moreover, she will also get mentally prepared to face the problem of your early ejaculation.

14. After you have reached your climaxed orgasm, you should never leave her in between. Wait till she also reaches her orgasm. You should not ever prove to be a selfish sex performer, as her sentiments deserve to be respected.

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