Free Ways To Enlarge Your Penis

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Free ways to enlarge your penis give men an option to increase their penis without having to resort to costly surgery or pills. This article will discuss some free ways to enlarge your penis in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

You may have looked around online for free ways to enlarge it only to be disheartened at the information available. No doubt you could spend a fortune on male enhance products, potions, lotions and surgery that you can't afford and that may not even work.

You could also spend $5,000 or more on penis enlargement surgery. There has to be a free way to enlarge your penis, right? Well, there is and it takes some dedication and time but the results are worth it, provided that you use these on a regular basis and consistently.

The best way to enlarge it is to get in the habit of a regular exercise program of strengthening the genital area.
The secret to increasing the size of a man's penis lies in the blood flow. It is, in fact, the increase of blood flow to and through the area that enables men to lengthen it.

Exercise is one of a number ways of lengthening the size. However, there is a little effort involved. The secret to enlargement lies in increasing your blood flow to the area. This can be done with consistent practice of the jelq exercise, the PC muscle flex, stretching it, through massage and hot compresses. These exercises were created on the theory that increasing the blood flow will cause the erectile tissue to breakdown and reconstruct, giving you stronger, harder and longer lasting erections.

One of the best ways to gain hard erections is by doing an exercise called the PC flex. The PC muscle is also the muscle that pregnant women are strongly urged to also exercise during and after pregnancy. It is an equally important muscle when it comes to enlargement. The same exercise method applies here also. To perform this exercise simply stop peeing before you're finished. Now this work out isn't comfortable. You will feel a squeeze in that area.

Exercise makes it possible to train the penis to let more blood into it which is ultimately what will give a man bigger and harder erections that he is seeking.

The critical thing to remember with any lengthening exercise is that consistency and persistency are the key. There is no release in these exercises and this will increase your stamina.

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