DIY Penile Stretchers

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Penis extenders are en-vogue these days. They are so popular that a lot of people have tried to replicate these devices at home. As one forum member pointed out: "Easiest doesn't always mean safe. Cause the easiest thing I can think of is a rope tied around your head and attached to you leg or some other weight source, but that is not safe at all." And another: "Easiest in my eyes is sticking your cock in a vacuum cleaner for several hours a day. Not safe though."

Homemade penis extenders are not a safe option when it comes to penis enlargement. It's pretty difficult to achieve the kind of smoothly finished surfaces that you will find in professional devices. Not to mention that when it comes to penis extenders proper use, there can be no question that the homemade device will never be perfectly balanced.

What would happen if it pulls more to the right than to the left? No doubt, homemade penis extenders are simple to build and they don't cost all that much. Plus you can find a lot of information and articles about how to make your very own penis extenders if you read the forums. There is a wealth of information available on these subjects. However, there is little info on what happens when you end up in the emergency room because you've attached a rope with weights to your penis.
The most common risks:

- Cuts and Bruises. This happens because the materials you use at home do not have the smooth surface needed to protect the very sensitive skin that covers your penis. Cuts and bruises will almost never leave permanent marks on your skin, but they are very, very painful. Not to mention that there can be no question of sexual intercourse during the healing period. To do away with cuts and bruises, just stop whatever it was you were doing and don't start again. Arnica oil is a great topical agent for bruises, sprains and strains and very helpful with inflammation and pain relief.

- Nerve Damages and/or Blood Vessel Damages. This happens when you interrupt the flow of blood for too long a period or when you constrict a sensitive area using more pressure than you should. If you experience any loss in sensations on any part of your penis or if your penis starts to change color to blue-green go to hospital emergency room right away. This is very serious and should be addressed by specialized medical staff.

I do believe that if you want to get great results and be safe all in the same time you should try to buy a certified device, one that has passed a few quality checks before it hit the market. You only have one penis and there's no point really in taking chances with it using an unsafe device.

Penis extenders do work wonderful and many men are extremely happy for being bold enough to try them. If you want to experience the feeling of having the penis size that really makes you confident in perfect safety, buy a quality device and read the instructions carefully.

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