Why Most Women are Sexually Frustrated

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Did you know only 70% of women have had an orgasm and only 30% of women have had a vaginal orgasm in intercourse…..

To women it is the relationship that matters the most, how does she feel about him, what does she think about him, did she have respect for him, did he push those buttons inside of her that made her a sexual being. As men we have to get rid of those negative beliefs we have about women, we need to watch carefully and enjoy what we are doing with women.

Majority of men look at women like they are a piece of meat and as they do this they give women all the power in the relationship or interaction, women know they have control over these men because all they want is a sex and this is what frustrates women. What ever happened to these days of men being men and triggering those emotions inside of her. A man needs to be personally powerful, take responsibility for himself and he needs to know he has the power within him to give a woman a mind blowing experience.

Women require certain qualities from a man in a relationship, the first one is to feel appreciated. A woman needs to feel unique and special like no other woman she knows, she needs to know she is supported by her man. The second quality a woman requires to feel is sexy, natural, full of love. The third quality is a woman needs to be emotionally connected to her man meaning a communication she shares only with her man and no one else and the fourth trait is to have mind blowing sex, yes she needs to have passionate sex, she needs to be seduced, she needs to be tease, she needs to experience new fantasies and roles being satisfied over and over again.
Being a man you need to come from the mindset that you don't need to have a woman in your life, you like having a woman in your life but you don't need to have one. This will stop you from being needy, clingy and acting like a wuss. Women will only have respect for you as a man if you have respect for yourself. When a woman is with a man that is "unique" and different and he makes her feel like a woman, in turn he will feel like a man.

You have to remember a woman has so many "things" to do, so many responsibilities during the week such as trying to make a living, supporting her family or her friends, trying to get an education and more and all a woman wants to do when it comes to a Friday or Saturday night is spend time with her man and for him to engage her and make her feel like a woman. She wants to be lead by her man and she wants to be able to let go and have trust that her man is going to take care of her. When a woman is with her man she wants to be able to feel her man's power and masculinity.

Sex is a major part of a woman's life and sex will remind a woman she is alive. Women are very sexual beings but they do not admit it and for a woman to be able to express her sexuality is extremely powerful. Women want to feel respected, intelligent, driven and accomplished in everyday life but when a women is with her man she wants to be able to surrender to him.

A woman has to trust you and respect you for her to be able to open up to you and let go. They say the greatest sex organ is the brain which is especially true for women, a woman needs to feel a number of emotions and feelings and it is your role to lead her there.

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    Jane 27/02/2010
    Besides the statistics I feel this article really hits spot on what a woman wants from a man.
    Mike 10/02/2009
    I\'d love to know where these statistics about \"only 30% of women have had an orgasm through vaginal intercourse\" come from!

    I\'d also love to go around asking women this question, because any logical thinking person knows that this is a pure lie. Statistics made to lie so that somebody can "proove" their point.

    Statistics don\'t lie you say??? WRONG. The first thing I learned in statistical analysis is that statistics can be made to say anything you want to say, and precisely how to get a skewed sampling that will produce the desired results. The second thing I learned is how to get statistics to give an accurate answer -- if you want an accurate answer.
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