Why Men Change After Sex – Steps to Take if He's Pulling Away After Intimacy

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The question of why men change after sex is one that women have been searching for an answer to for years. The scenario is almost always the same. You're with an amazing man. You two hit it off and the desire to be together intimately is almost overwhelming. You sleep together and then everything changes. He's distant, withdraw and his interest in you seems to disappear overnight. Why does this happen and more importantly, is there anything at all you can do to change it?

Most women believe that the answer to the question of why men change after sex is they didn't enjoy their experience with you. It's highly unlikely that's the reason. It's also not because he's so overwhelmed with desire for you that he can't stand to be in the same room with you without ripping your clothes off. It's flattering to consider that, but it's not based in reality.

Typically when a man withdraws from a woman after they've made love it's because it happened too soon. As much as we believe all men want to jump into bed on the first date, the majority don't. They much prefer to be with someone who takes her time before sharing her body. If it happens before he's really ready, he's going to feel a lot of conflicting emotions.

Men make some very unflattering assumptions about women based on the timing of intimacy. If you decide to sleep with him early in the relationship he may jump to the incorrect conclusion that it's typical behavior for you. In other words, he'll think that since you slept with him before really knowing him, that you've done the same thing with other men.

Solving this isn't nearly as challenging as you may think. First, you've got to make a vow to yourself that you're not going to try and explain your behavior to him. This will only bring it into focus and you'll both dwell on it more than you need to.

Instead, take on a new attitude. Keep things lighter and less involved for the next few weeks. Suggest you two have lunch but tell him you'll meet him at the location. Try your best to not be alone in a compromising position with him. You want to establish a new dynamic that is based more on mutual attraction than just sex. Once he gets to know you for the woman you are, you can then reintroduce intimacy back into the equation.

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