How to Be Sexy? 5 Techniques to Be Totally Attractive and Seductive

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Being sexy is a state of mind. Well, this can come off as a little surprise for you but it's the truth --- you only become sexy if you actually think that you are. This is the most basic step into being able to attract and seduce the opposite sex. Sex appeal can be a very subjective subject but then again, most men know what sexy is when they see it.

Now, here's the greatest challenge --- how to be sexy and be totally seductive and attractive at the same time. Well, here are the top five techniques to make it all happen --- couple it up with the right mindset and attitude and you're good to go! Here's how:

· Feel good about yourself. Love yourself; it's the most important part in having a relationship. Start building up your confidence. Not only will it help you in your love life, it can also boost up your career. And having a good career comes a great chance of having a great lover as well.

· Always have confidence. I tell you, having self-confidence helps a lot in your everyday life. It also uplifts your self-image and gives a boost on your ego. You will give out an aura which others find irresistible --- you will be gaining lots of admirers in no time, too.

· Know how to flirt well. Flirting is a nonverbal type of communication that simply spell, "Hey, I'm interested." It can be a bit teasing and fun and definitely harmless that's why both members of the opposite sex aim to know how to flirt --- it makes life more exciting.

· Learn how to play hard-to-get. When someone approaches you, asks for your number, date you and eventually become your boyfriend, that's great. But why not try to spice it up a little by playing a little hard-to-get? It will definitely make a guy not think of you as a one night stand. He will be even more challenged to come right after you.

· Tease him and make him come after you. Every guy wishes to have a girlfriend who's sweet, pretty and lovable --- and of course, having a great sense of humor. Knowing how to make a guy laugh is one sexy, admirable trait he'd love so much.

Are you feeling all that sexiness vibe coming in inside you? Believe me girl, you will instantly be one once you start to love yourself, have confidence and live your life. It's that simple --- yet the excitement is definitely overwhelming.

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    Being out with someone you're totally attracted to, I must say, can be a little hard to resist not to try to create a bit of sexual tension. You just can't help but flirt with him or find out if he actually likes you too. Well, it is a fact that 90% of communication is non-verbal. That's why when we talk of attraction, it's very important that you know how to read the male body language and send the right mixed signals as well.

    By: Julia Di\\\'Silval Sexualityl 07/12/2009 lViews: 1,581

    Have you ever seen the cute way a woman will kind of bite on her bottom lip when she is really into a guy? Without her saying a word, you already know what kind of thoughts that she is thinking. Just imagine if you could make women do this ALL of the time when they saw YOU. Wouldn't that be something?

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    What guy does not dream about being able to seduce beautiful women? On some level, all men want to have women find them attractive and appealing. We all want to feel confident about our ability to make a woman feel attraction towards us, and this is really what discovering how to seduce a woman is really all about. Sure, there are those techniques and tricks that some guys use.

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    Seducing a woman is something that can easily seem mysterious, difficult, and even a little intimidating. If you are not used to having a lot of success with women, then it is easy to psyche yourself out of thinking that you could ever really have an easy time seducing a female. However, you need to realize that no one starts out as a 'master' of seduction, so it should be apparent that there are some skills that you can learn that will make it seem easy for you.

    By: Chris Tylerl Sexualityl 14/05/2011 lViews: 68

    Technically, there aren't really any rules when it comes to trying your luck online. Getting online to hook up with girls is fun definitely a worthwhile experience especially if it helps you gain more confidence, be more updated when it comes to what's new and get to understand women more. Sometimes though, to makes things totally work, there are a set of guidelines you can follow to make it all perfect in the end --- and finally make your online romance for real!

    By: Mark Hamiltonl Sexualityl 04/12/2009 lViews: 138

    Turning a guy on can be a challenge to the female species but you don't even have to fret one bit -- many tried, and succeeded. Sometimes, you don't even need a set of rules to make it all happen -- all you need is a little drama, guts to follow your instincts and just pure confidence to get a guy totally turned on for you.

    By: Julia Di\\\'Silval Sexualityl 02/12/2009 lViews: 429

    First dates are always supposed to be memorable --- something you never really forget for the rest of your life, marking your debut to dating and attraction world --- and of course, our tiny steps to our pursuit of women. We dress our best, get a little nervous, show up, talk a little, say goodnight and give each other a phone call after a few days.

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    Every guy knows about the hard to get woman. She's the one who looks great, knows that she is of high value, and won't give most guys the time of day if they approach her. And because of that, you want more than anything to be the one guy that can penetrate through and make her feel like no other man can. Is it impossible for a guy like you to do this or is there something that you can do to seduce a hard to get woman?

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    Technically speaking, being irresistible is something you can be any time of the day. Quit thinking that being irresistible is something that you're born with or has naturally and genetically processed itself to a few lucky human beings. Being sexy and irresistible is actually a skill --- a handiness that can be learned and developed.

    By: Julia Di\\\'Silval Sexualityl 08/12/2009 lViews: 504

    Sometimes we just can't help but feel our hormones raging for the opposite sex and start feeling all weird and wonderful at the same time. As women, we are known to have a bit more control of what we really feel and look like everything's fine --- but deep down, the exact opposite is happening. Say, you're totally attracted with this man and you've gone a couple of dates with him. He gets you feeling all fired up and you just you've included him in your wildest fantasies ever since.

    By: Julia Di\\\'Silval Sexualityl 08/12/2009 lViews: 582

    When it comes to relationships, every guy wishes to have an amazing girlfriend. It's like a dream come true. What would you make of a super beautiful girlfriend who acts like an evil witch anyway? Truth is that guys value personality as well, especially if it's with someone they're going to have a relationship with.

    By: Julia Di\\\'Silval Sexualityl 08/12/2009 lViews: 5,767

    Technically speaking, you can never really tell if a guy's good in bed only until you actually sleep with him. Sometimes, it can be really mind-boggling. Sometimes, the evidence is too obvious. But more often than not, men can always send out tricky questions that may be too hard to figure out --- but they never fail to create that sexual tension we women find very hard to resist.

    By: Julia Di\\\'Silval Sexualityl 08/12/2009 lViews: 1,387

    When it comes to sexual attraction, there are many tricky ways to actually find out if a guy is into you. More often than not, they do, believe me, but as women, we just can't help but get cautious and find out the real score. Sometimes, getting sexually attracted to someone can be a bit of a frustrating thing too, especially when you're the woman. Men can easily express themselves if they want to sleep with you through body language but we can't just simply do that out of the blue.

    By: Julia Di\\\'Silval Sexualityl 07/12/2009 lViews: 8,849

    Being out with someone you're totally attracted to, I must say, can be a little hard to resist not to try to create a bit of sexual tension. You just can't help but flirt with him or find out if he actually likes you too. Well, it is a fact that 90% of communication is non-verbal. That's why when we talk of attraction, it's very important that you know how to read the male body language and send the right mixed signals as well.

    By: Julia Di\\\'Silval Sexualityl 07/12/2009 lViews: 1,581

    There are many ways to actually make a man want you, you need to remember that when it comes to men, you don't need to try too hard to make it happen. Men are tricky beings, sure, but if you finally get to know what makes them tick and how you could possibly get him twirling around your fingers, then everything will just be a piece of cake.

    By: Julia Di\\\'Silval Sexualityl 07/12/2009 lViews: 297

    There are a lot of perks when you're single and available - the opportunities are endless, not to mention that you can actually just let go and follow where the wind takes you. Being single sure is kind of liberating and exciting at the same time. That's why you have absolutely no excuse from having a great time. There are many hot single men hot there willing to hook-up, make-out and even possibly, to give romance a shot.

    By: Julia Di\\\'Silval Sexualityl 04/12/2009 lViews: 157
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