Having Sex Too Early in a Relationship – Why Men Pull Back When This Happens

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Having sex too early in a relationship can dramatically impact it. If you've done this, you already know the affect it can have. Many women, when they feel a strong attraction to a man, want nothing more than to be with him intimately. They don't consider the long term consequences until his interest drops off. Unless you understand the reason why men pull back after having sex too soon, you may see it as not a big deal. It is a big deal. In fact, it's a huge deal.

There's one main reason why men pull back dramatically if they're intimate with a woman soon after meeting her. In the heat of the moment, his interest will be peaked because he finds you utterly irresistible. But soon after you two have made love reality will hit him and one thought will keep racing through his mind. He'll wonder if you're as open with intimacy with all the men you date.

As much as men claim to want to be with someone who is comfortable sexually, they don't want to picture their woman being that way with every man she's ever dated. Having sex too early in a relationship sends a message to him that if you did it with him, you likely have done the same thing with your last boyfriend, and the one before that, and the one before that. He'll get unappealing mental images in his mind that he just won't be able to rid himself of.

You don't want to carry this type of label with a man you are seriously interested in. It impacts his view of you and it will change the way he feels about you. He may pursue a relationship with you but it will be focused on casual sex and little more. Once you get caught in this trap with a man it's very hard to escape it.

Always think twice before you decide to move any new relationship into the bedroom. If you can establish a strong connection with him based on mutual attraction before you make love, you'll stand a greater chance of having a future with him. He'll also love the chase if you don't share yourself too soon. He wants to woo you, so give him that chance. It will make him want you even more than he would have if you two would have slept together on the first or second date.

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