Wales Dogging Fun

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Dogging in Wales as it is known in places like Glamorgan and Ceredigion, is on the top of the list of fun adult activities taking place in Europe. Why is it so much fun? -read on and find out for yourself.

I can think of a 101 reasons why Wales dogging is not only considered serious fun, but also seriously addictive. This article won't list all these reasons; you should rather out for yourself by doing your own experimental "research" into the Wales dogging scene. It's more fun that way.

What I will do is tell you more about the dogging scene in Wales and how you can meet couples or singles for dogging fun, where the best dogging locations are and what things you need to make Wales dogging even more enjoyable.

Top Wales dogging locations

If you've never been dogging in Wales then you must wonder where all the adults disappear to on a Friday or Saturday night or even a Wednesday afternoon. Like England and Scotland places like car parks and lay bays are popular for Wales Dogging. Because Wales is a beautiful country it is only natural that popular dogging spots will be in amazing places like country parks, picnic areas and beaches.
Adults in Wales love having dogging sex in either the car-parks of beaches, on the sand dunes or a secluded spot on the beach usually surrounded by rocks or trees. The top beach Dogging locations in Wales are Dinas Dinlle Beach, Colwyn Bay beach spot, Talacre Beach, Pensarn Beach and Caswell Bay.

Some of the country parks and picnic spots that makes the list of the best Wales dogging locations are the Breakwater Country Park, Pembrey Country Park, Carew picnic site in Pembrokeshire, Wentwood Forest, Cosmeston Lakes Country Park and Broxton Picnic area

What to take along for Wales dogging

If you are going to be dogging in the spots mentioned above then you need to be prepared and have a few necessities with you. Planning on hitting the sand dunes or beach - then a blanket or beach towel is a must. You don't want to be itching in weird places afterwards.

If you are engaging in Wales dogging during the day then suntan lotion is also a good idea. Especially if you don't want to get sunburn on your bare bottom. A huge sunhat and sunglasses are great for sun protection and for disguises in case unwanted spectators like a family walks in on you.

There are a lot of online Wales dogging communities where you can upload your dogging pictures or videos. So don't forget your camera the next time you are having dogging sex in a beautiful spot.

Where to meet adults for Wales dogging?

You will find that certain adult online sites have a whole subsite dedicted to Wales dogging.

On this subsite you can view sex personals of couples or singles wanting to have dogging sex in Wales, you can email other adults from Wales, read blogs and forums about Wales dogging and chat in adult rooms filled with people who wants to do swinging or dogging in Wales.

If you want to find thousand of adult contacts for Wales Dogging then join the today, it's Free!

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