How To Give Women Sexual Satisfaction And Multiple Orgasms

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Men easily get aroused at the sight of a naked woman but it is not the same with women. Women need more than seeing a naked man to get aroused. It can be a real challenge to give women sexual satisfaction if you do not know how.

Men should know that most women cannot achieve orgasm through usual sexual intercourse and there are women who fake their orgasm because they do not want their man to get embarrassed. Although some women find it hard to reach orgasm most of the time, it is still important to give them the pleasure they deserve. It takes some lovemaking skills to give women sexual satisfaction and men should learn the art of lovemaking.

As mentioned, most women cannot reach orgasm through intercourse because they usually get aroused though oral sex. In order for most women to reach orgasms, men should know how to give women sexual satisfaction by going down on her. It is important to learn how to give cunnilingus or oral sex to give women multiple orgasms.
In giving oral sex with women, you have to be sensitive with her responses and you should know the right movements that will give her ultimate pleasure. With thousands of sensitive nerve endings in the clitoris, you should be very careful not to hurt her or else you will spoil the mood.

Men should know how find the G-spot which is located 2 inches inside the vagina from the topside. Skills in stimulating the clitoris and G-spot are important to give women sexual satisfaction. If you think that oral sex is just poking your tongue down there, you are missing on a lot of things. Mastering the art of oral sex is important if you want to help your woman achieve multiple orgasms.

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