How To Give Her Ultimate Pleasure And Orgasms

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Some women never really experience orgasm during sexual intercourse, some even fake it and worse some women do not experience it through their life. Does this mean that some men are not capable of giving women sexual pleasures? If you are in a sexual relationship, of course you will not agree and you want to give her ultimate pleasure and orgasms.

Have you noticed that your spouse or girlfriend is just faking her orgasm just to make you feel better? Or are you frustrated that you cannot give her what she is yearning for? There are techniques that you need to know to give her ultimate pleasure and orgasms. Here are some tips:

Give her excitement and communicate with her.  This is about giving her a puzzle that will create excitement and anticipation.  For instance, tell her before you leave for work that she better be prepared and already took a bath when you get home because you have a surprise for her.  And between breaks at work call her and tell her sexy things to tickle her imagination. This will excite her more and different thoughts will run over her head before you finally come home. She will think of intimate moments and sex of course. The anticipation makes her want to go to bed with you right away and waiting for you to give her ultimate pleasure and orgasms. 
Learn the art of foreplay. Unlike men, women need more time to reach orgasm. Before giving her what she wanted, give her first your hands and lips and caress her on places that will give her ultimate pleasure. When she is begging you to enter her, then give her some more foreplay, you will see and feel if she is really wet and ready for you. Be sensitive with her reactions and what she is telling you, this is guide to know if she likes what you are doing and continue to give her ultimate pleasure and orgasm. 

To give her ultimate pleasure and orgasm you need to do some preparation and creativity. Remember that women should not only physically ready but also emotionally prepared and motivated to reach orgasm. You must let her feel loved and adored and that she is the most beautiful and attractive woman for you.

Do you still find it hard to give her ultimate pleasure and orgasm? Do not lose hope because giving her orgasm is a skill that can be learned through right techniques. Do you want to give her a mind blowing orgasm and keep her asking for more? Become the greatest lover that your girl cannot forget visit Secret Orgasm.

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