How Not To Cum Fast Last All Night And Don't Cum So Fast Starting Tonight

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Learn to control when you cum

During a test on male premature ejeculation, run by Alfred Kinsey, Kinsey discovered that 75% of the men tested were ejeculating during the first two minutes after entering their partner's vagina. Now there is the question of whether all 75% of those tested actually have the problem of premature ejeculation.

Men with this problem are certainly not alone; there are in fact many men who share this problem but do not discuss it for fear of being ridiculed or seen as inadequate. Due to this fact, some doctors diagnose P.E. as a social disorder as well as a medical problem. Most of the time both the man with P.E. and his sexual partner end up suffering from the effects of the disorder. It can be a strain on any relationship when either partner feels that their sexual encounters are repeatedly disappointing.


Now there is a variety of treatments that can be used to help end premature ejeculation, and allow a longer, more satisfying sexual encounter for both partners. The options available can be totally natural remedies, or often your doctor is able to prescribe some prescription medication that will help.

For people who have severe P.E., it is best to try several different treatments so that you can find the one that works best for you. Do your research online and try to find others who have solved their P.E. problems and find out how they did it.

Read This Next Part Carefully: Do you realize that your premature ejeculation can be cured in just two weeks? It's true! End your problems with P.E. for good and begin enjoying a more satisfying love life immediately. Find out the secret that has already helped over 15,000 men, and continues to help more every day, to cure their premature ejeculation.

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